Landscaping Services

Paving stone driveways provide a timeless look and will turn your hardscape into one of the yards focal points. It dramatically improves curb appeal and helps tie your house in with your landscape.

Paving stone walkways provide visual interest and tie-in the architectural theme of the house. With the extensive selection of stones and patterns available today, your choices are endless. City Gardens can assist with selecting stones that will look and perform their best with your house style. From classic craftsman to the most modern homes, we have experience with many forms of architecture and the knowledge to build your pathways to the proper scale for function, aesthetic, and elevation.

Paving stones offer the most versatility for your patio project. City Gardens can assist you in designing and selecting the patio based on changes in elevation, site exposure, and your desire to entertain/accommodate a certain number of guests. We always start with elevations to make sure whatever patio, walkway, or hardscape feature is installed is on grade.

Proper and careful site grading will ensure water flows away from your home. All beautiful landscapes start with proper site grading. At City Gardens, we will use the engineered elevations that are specific to your lot (if you are in a newer area with this information available). If you are in an existing older neighborhood we will assess the site conditions and configure a plan to exit the water away from your house.

Retaining walls and stairs enhance and highlight elevation changes on your property. From larger (walkout) style grade changes to smaller subtle changes, using stone showcases grade changes and provides an element of depth and dimension to the landscape. Retaining walls are very functional. They define areas of the landscape, they provide a solid edge to build a patio at elevation, retain areas for parking, provide “flatter” surfaces in your backyard, and assist with directing surface water drainage.

Water is necessary for plant growth on the prairies. It is also a precious resource that should not be wasted. A properly installed irrigation system, (installed for head to head coverage, set to run for the appropriate amount of time depending on weather conditions and season) will ensure accurate water metering for your landscape to perform its best without waste.

Plant material selection and placement is the key to a visually appealing, beautiful, and functional landscape. There are many decisions to make regarding plant material such as plant hardiness (will it survive on the prairies?), mature height and spread, color, flowers, fruit, fall color, winter interest, exposure, and the list goes on.

City Gardens is a leading installer of architectural specification grade landscape lighting.This means we install the good stuff.  The key to landscape lighting is not overdoing it. You light for safety first, then for aesthetic. You take into account existing house/street lights and then light specific features using different styles of lights. Down lights, up lights, wall washes, and path lighting are all available in a variety of finishes and designs.

City Gardens can remove old concrete and install new concrete. Specifically we install driveway crossings and curbs. If your sidewalk is broken in front of your house or you would like to install a paving stone driveway and need to change the sidewalk from a regular sidewalk to a crossing sidewalk we can remove the old one and install the new one.

City Gardens is experienced with commercial landscape construction. Commercial landscaping often involves tight timelines and working closely with the General Contractor and other sub trades. Our open communication, strong work ethic, and ability to adapt and work under changing conditions and timelines has led to our success in commercial landscaping. Whether you are a General Contractor or an Institutional organization we can work with you to achieve your goals.

Outdoor structures are often made of wood and provide a defined space for sitting, lounging, gardening etc.  They include pergolas, decks, privacy screens, sheds, and greenhouses.  They can be configured in many different ways to fit the style of your house and yard and are customized to suit your needs with screens, planters etc.

There are also many greenhouses and pergolas that are available online such as and we can prepare the footings and install these structures as well.