Snow Clearing & Removal NEW

Snow Clearing & Removal NEW

City Gardens offers a variety of snow and ice management services including the following:

Commercial and Industrial

City Gardens has a fleet of skid steers equipped with high capacity snow buckets to efficiently push, pile, and haul snow. We offer prompt first, second, or third night service as well as daytime service. We also provide ongoing clearing during storm cycles if there is a low tolerance situation where the client requires immediate and ongoing service during a storm.


City Gardens has a fleet of smaller tracked skid steers, ideal for clearing long stretches of sidewalks, park paths, or any other walkways that extend for longer distances. We have 4ft wide buckets as well as a 52" V plow for plowing long pathways. If you are an institutional customer and require extra machinery during a large storm or if you know you have a certain threshold for a storm and require machinery on a standby basis, we can tailor your needs with our experience and expertise in snow clearing.

Residential-Driveways and Sidewalks

City Gardens provides residential snow clearing. We provide prompt professional service with shovels, snowblowers, and leaf blowers. We provide residential services on a fixed monthly contract basis with a 2cm callout threshold.

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