Site Grading & Top Soil

Proper and careful site grading will ensure water flows away from your home. All beautiful landscapes start with proper site grading. At City Gardens, we will use the engineered elevations that are specific to your lot (if you are in a newer area with this information available). If you are in an existing older neighborhood we will assess the site conditions and configure a plan to exit the water away from your house.

Using slope and dual slope laser technology, we can install a finish grade and maintain that grade throughout the entire yard. Often we use multiple grades to ensure that water is moving away from the house and out toward property lines and then to an exit point (either to the front sidewalk or rear alley or along prescribed drainage paths (new neighborhoods). We will often find ourselves having to use grades less that 1% in areas that are relatively flat, but using swales and these subtle grades we can get water to move in the right direction and away from the house and off the property without putting it onto the neighbors!